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Andrew Knight the Volunteer

Throughout his life, Andrew Knight has demonstrated solidarity with his community and dedication to improving the world around him. He has participated in many volunteer opportunities, most notably the Fill in the Blanks Club. The organization works to provide food for needy families. Andrew was an essential member of the club, putting together fundraisers and collecting donations from stores, businesses and individuals from the surrounding community. Andrew’s efforts went a long way toward combatting hunger in the area.

Apart from the Fill in the Blanks Club, Andrew gave his time to younger children in the community. A baseball player himself, Andrew coached youth teams and encouraged youngsters to work hard to polish their skills and become the best baseball players they could.

During summer vacations, Andrew worked a number of different jobs that gave him an appreciation for hard work as well as the value of a dollar. Whether as a dog walker or an intern at a marketing organization, Andrew Knight New Canaan always gave his best in whatever activity he was involved in. Andrew is always looking for opportunities to improve himself and broaden his skill set. He keeps busy at school, with baseball and with extra-curricular activities whenever he has the time.


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