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The Interests of Andrew Knight of New Canaan

When he is not busy as a college finance student, and a teacher’s assistant, Andrew Knight of Canaan spends his time enjoying a variety of activities and hobbies.

Andrew is a great fan of sports and enjoys playing them whenever he gets a chance. Baseball is his biggest passion, and it has been since he was five years old. When Andrew is not playing for Skidmore College’s baseball team, he also dedicates some time to golf, tennis, skiing, and swimming. He also enjoys watching sports live. In particular, he watches baseball and football and makes sure to show his support for the New York Yankees and the Patriots, respectively.

Andrew Knight New Canaan also has a great time enjoying the company of his friends and family. He values the people in his life and looks for ways to spend time with them. When he has no access to them and wants to spend some time in quiet, he also likes to read. Knight also likes to keep up with sports by watching ESPN and SportsCenter, but he also catches his favorite movies and shows on Netflix.

Due to his father’s work, Andrew Knight also gets the chance to travel. He has been to Hawaii, Italy, and the Dominican Republic, and he hopes to travel more often.


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